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The biography of the Greek artist Maria Alexea covers a wide range of studies in Music (Diploma of Violoncello University of Music Wuerzburg Germany), as Neuroscience (diploma of Neuroscience Sussex University UK) and philosophy (Platonic philosophy of Art Sussex university UK Mphil). Film studies -unfinished (Athens Stavrakos school)
She has given various concerts throughout Europe and had exhibitions in Heidelberg and Florence, Duesseldorf, New York, Athens
Recent exhibitions:
August 2008: Solo Photography exhibition In Goethe Museum In Düsseldorf, with the title: ”Goethe’s Greek dream”. ( Reports in the press are to be found under the name Maria Efthymiou “Goethes griechischer Traum” Ausstellung)
November 2013: Solo exhibition at the Greek Consulate, New York “Ecology of dance “ and Elegies of unknown mysteries
May 2014: Group exhibition at the Athens house of photography.
July 2014: Group exhibition at the SG ART GALLERY (Lycabettus), George Klouvatos
Works of the artist are in SG ART GALLERY and in private collections.
“ My work has been evolving from 2003 up today in a way that dancing movements served the realization of an upward movement that was gradually branching off to the state of rest. It was in fact estranged to the ordinary earthy things and was steering instead along to the heavenward… The movements are the outcome of a long-term and intensive interaction with the natural environment, with rocks, heights, rough grounds, trees, winds storms and they become of a certain kind.
It was inevitable to develop a certain personal and personified repertoire of movements because all of the movements are subjected to the natural elements and forces and not to any purposiveness that induced stereotypes of a certain kind. Dancing in the outside space implies a confrontation with dangers leading to a freedom of expression which I hope is visualized”
Since 2014 is seriously concerned with copyright infringement, Intellectual property, and Plagiarism matters because her photo Firebird was renamed “Hermes campaign Greece” and was diffused greatly on the Internet as such. The court decided in her favor.
2017 she completed her long length Movie “Faust a return from the future” along with the thematic unity demonic rhapsodies and other works that remain unpublished

This is a small sample of photographic works,  a vast amount of the works remains still unpublished and will be seen in future exhibitions.


The Artworks must be signed by the artist Maria Alexea and must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Please contact if you have any questions
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

About ten of the artworks are displayed in S.G.Art Gallery in Athens

There is a great collection of unseen and unpublished works Photography, Photo collage and paintings that belong to my private collection. In case one is interested to see has to come in contact with my assistant Panagiotis Tsimpris through the above email addresses in order to visit my atelier.

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