Goethe’s greek Dream

The thematic unity is called “Goethe’s Greek dream” exhibition presented in Goethe Museum 2008. It is about transformation of self. A transformation which transcends the “I” and configures itself to the other self which is part of nature. To the eyes of man of imagination, nature imagines itself as part of the self. They aim to offer a choreographic translation of the Goethe’s verses in Faust those of the maiden Of Helena’s Chorus denying any legacy wish through to be retransformed into nature :

“We ‘re returned to the light of day,No longer as individual, it’s true,We feel it, and we know it,But we ‘ll never go back to Hades.Ever – living  Nature,Makes the most valid claimOn our spirits, and we on her.”

Maria Alexea self directed photography
Assistant photographer: Freideriki Alexea

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